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WoL Kaendor Races and Cultures

Worlde of Legends™
Official Campaign Worlde:
Races and Cultures

Kaendor™, the Worlde of Legends™ Campaign Worlde, is rich with both playable and non-playable races and cultures. The QuickStart version of the game comes complete with 15 Ready-to-Play Adventurers that each represent a different race or culture in the game. The full version will feature 30 playable races and cultures for you to choose from. 

Scroll down to see preview sketches of the first 15 cultures. Profile vignettes are found below the image gallery. Don't forget to click the button above to download this preview as a FREE PDF file.

WoL Mountain Dwarf


Mountain Dwarf

This hardy race hails from the great mountains on the continent of Tae’Rá. They are short in stature, take great pride in the length and thickness of their beards (which are often braided and beaded), and are known for their talents at blacksmithing, making stout, dark ale (and drinking it), and being ferocious in battle. They usually have rugged skin in tones of tan and with hair and beards that range in shades of brown, red, and black. Eyes of Mountain Dwarves are brown, gray, black, or hazel in color. Their stocky, muscular frames are usually clothed in darker shades of cloth, mainly brown, black, and gray. Prominent members of Dwarven society wear ornate armor when in public. The Dár’Mol have an average lifespan of 475 years.

WoL High Elf


High Elf

The Le’Háreh are fair-skinned and of average to tall height. Females range from 4½ to 6½ feet, while males range from 5 to 6½ feet. Their hair is blond, brown, or black and their eyes are usually blue or brown. The Le’Háreh are, above all else, travelers. Their adventurous spirit drives them in the search of new discoveries and knowledge. There is not even a centralized home or nation for the High Elves, although many consider the continent of Palodária to be their homeland. The High Elves are wanderers, traveling not for t`he destination, but for the sake of the travel itself.

WoL Moon Elf


Moon Elf

The le’Leun are natives to a city known as Lel’Soen’dor’Luun (which means “Elven City of the Moon” or the rumored, if often spectral, Silver City). The le’Leun are graceful, delicate, beautiful, and usually appear much younger than their actual age. They are very charismatic, have a strong affinity for music, and are excellent mediators. The le'Leun are usually very pale-skinned, but as light hits the elf at different angles, there seem to be silver gleams of glittery light bouncing off their skin. Their faces look even more mysterious with eyes of silver, gold, and glittered, almost icy green and blue. Lel-Luun typically have long hair that is white, silver, or soft pastel lavender, green, pink, or blue.

WoL Sand Elf


Sand Elf

Le’Dessár are rather hardy and muscular for Elves. Their skin is tanned bronze in color. Their eyes are gold or brown, and their hair is dark brown or black, all equally enhancing their angular facial features. Their leggings extend to also be a soft sole, ventilated foot covering, ideal for keeping the hot sand from burning one's feet. Their dark brown belts not only serve to hold daggers, tools, and other mundane accessories, but also hold up the leggings and keep the wraps in place in the desert wind. Sand Elves are usually very blunt and speak their mind, regardless of the consequences. When their opinions are not vocalized, their facial expressions will deliver the same message.

WoL Sky Elf


Sky Elf

Le'Kel, or Sky Elves, are tall, slender, and look somewhat delicate. Their most remarkable features are their great feathered wings, which have a span two feet longer than twice the height of the elf. The wings give a Le'Kel a somewhat noble and benevolent appearance. The eyes of Sky Elves are usually blue are gray, but may also be green or brown. The hair of a Sky Elf ranges from an almost-white blond to a black, although a moderate shade of blond is most common. Hair can be any length, although it is rarely cut short. The skin of Le'Kel is fair in color. The Le'Kel originate in a city known as Gaelda'sora, meaning the Golden City. The Le'Kel are just and noble, accepting of all races, religions, and ways of life.

WoL Wood Elf


Wood Elf

The Wood Elves are tall, muscularly toned elves who are found in the forests all over Kaendor. They are woodsmen and hunters who highly value nature and her creatures. The le'Fást truly see themselves as guardians of the forest and of nature as a whole. Their skin is usally varying shades of tan with long hair that ranges in nearly all colors of the rainbow. They are excellent bowmen and equally as adept with the quarterstaff. Wood elves are friendly, but ferocious warriors when protecting nature or their friends and family. They prefer to dress in earth tones and avoid bright colors (despite their naturally colorful hair).

WoL Rock Gnome


Rock Gnome

The hardy Rock Gnomes are primarily from the rocky cliffs found in northwestern Gorána and northern Tae'Rá and are a short, slim people standing 2 to 3.5 feet tall. These small people are very industrious and some of the hardest workers found on Kanedor. They have a really strong work ethic and are loyal to those who have proven friendship to them or exhibit a strong work ethic. They are varying shades of gray in color with black or gray hair which is often braided and decorated with gemstones. Their most outstanding feature is their bulbous, ridged nose which is often pierced with small gemstones, often in a pattern.

WoL Hairfoot Halfling


Hairfoot Halfling

Hafýn’Haer are a short, stocky people standing 3 to 4 feet tall. Their two most noticeable features are their considerable bellies (there are never too many meals in a day) and hairy feet. Hairfoot Halflings have curly, usually short, hair in shades of brown and red. Their eyes are almond-shaped in a variety of colors, and their ears are pointed so slightly that it is barely noticeable. Their skin is an olive tone, and they are a generally hairy people, but lacking facial hair. Hafýn’Haer usually go barefoot, since the hair on their feet generally provides enough warmth, and tough callouses on the bottoms on their feet provide protection They are often devious and are not fans of “too much” work.

WoL Barbarian Human


Barbarian Humans

Bábora are generally 6 to 7 feet tall, and are a nomadic, tribal people who live on the plains all over Kaendor. Both males and females are heavily-muscled and about the same size and weight. Their skin is typically fair, but there are often variations depending on clan and the climate of their location. Hair color varies from blond to black, and eyes are usually blue or brown. Hair is usually worn long, sometimes in braids. Men grow full beards and moustaches, which are also sometimes braided. Bábora have square jaws and shoulders, and straight, rigid noses. The Bábora are known for their fighting ability and strength. The manner of a Bábora is very straightforward and often aggressive.

WoL Kaendoran Human



The Kaendorans are the most common human race on Kaendor. They are found on nearly every continent and usually mix well socially and politically with nearly all other races. They tend to be of average (6 foot) height. Their skin tones range from dark brown to tan to pale, and their natural hair colors span shades of blonde, black, brown, red, and gray. The Kaendoran are very versatile and work in many areas. They are the staple of government, political, and economic structures throughout the worlde. The largest settlements of Kaendorans can be found on the continent of Palodária. They are fond of literature, music, drama and the other arts.

WoL Gypsy Human



The Gýnto are a nomadic people who travel from city to city, selling wares and providing carnival-like entertainment. They have skin tones which range from a light, creamy coffee color to a dark tan and hair that is almost always a deep brown or black. All Gýnto usually wear bright colored clothing and decorate their bodies with ornamental feathers, beads, and body piercings. The Gýnto tend to work hard and play even harder. Their philosophy of work is "the sooner done, the more time better spent elsewhere". They are crafty and sometimes devious in their dealings, but they are not usually thieves or kidnappers. The Gýnto are harsh negotiators and very good with business and finances.

WoL Asian-Like Humans



The Keuntár are a race of humans whose origin is the continent of Zherdán. They are shorter than most other human races, averaging 5.5 feet tall and have skin tones that range from pale to olive to tan. They almost always have black hair worn in varying styles. They elongated eyes are thinner than most humans and are usually grey, black, or brown. They are a very honorable culture who value hard work, artistic ability, and scholarly pursuits. They are also the origin of Týnj'Naz (the martial arts in Worlde of Legends™). They tend to be strong and muscularly well toned. They traditionally place honor and loyalty above all other virtues but very much believe that loyalty must be earned.

WoL Kobro Rodent Folk


Rodent Folk

The Kobro’Felm have an average height of 4 feet with fur ranging from black to shades of grey and brown, with a rare white coat. Their eyes are usually shades of brown, grey, or green. They are very regal and live in a highly structured culture where status is based on abilities and usefulness to the community. They generally do not like to be unclean and prefer to bathe at least twice a day. They are friendly to, but cautious of other races. Despite this, Kobro relish in the adventure of seeing the worlde and traveling. The Kobro tend to be excellent with hand held missile weapons and are excellent cartographers.

WoL Minotaurs



This bovine-like race of humanoids are very large, averaging 7 to 8 feet tall and tend to be incredibly strong. Their body fur is usually white, black, or a variety of shades of gray or brown. Spots or other markings are rare, but do occasionally appear in certain genetic lines. Mýntár eyes tend to be varying shades of brown or gray, dark blue, or dark green – lighter shades of green and blue are extremely rare. They originate from the plains of southern Aengor and northern Dálén. They are superior blacksmiths, farmers, and battle tacticians. Mýntár tend to be gruff and blunt. They do not make good politicians, but are brave and valiant warriors. They fear little.

WoL Cat Folk


Feline Folk

The Wairýn are a race of anthropomorphic feline humanoids whose primary origin is the jungle of Felora. Wairýn bodies are usually muscular and covered with fur while their heads are shaped like one of the many species of feline, complete with whiskers. Wairýn come in all forms of cats, both domestic and wild. Their fur is congruent with their chosen form of cat. Wairýn tend to be very graceful and cat-like in their movments and mannerisms. Wairýn are usually excellent archers, quarterstaff wielders, and are often proficient in Týnj’Naz (Martial Arts). They love the thrill of a good fight and are always seeking adventure

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