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WoL GamePlay

Worlde of Legends™ GamePlay

       Worlde of Legends™ is a fantasy role-playing game which is structured enough to provide smooth, cohesive gameplay, yet flexible enough that players and GameMasters have the freedom to exercise and stretch their creative imaginations when it comes to character creation, character development, and story.

       The links below provide you with a little more detail about some of the key aspects of the Worlde of Legends™ game.

WoL Attributes

Adventurer Attributes

The WoL™ Attributes System utilizes 18 attributes which define your Adventure Character physically, mentally and socially. There is even a system built-in which allows an adventurer's attributes to increase as they gain experience. Nearly every aspect of an Adventurer is based on one or more of these attributes.

WoL Adventure Characters

Adventurer Creation

WoL™ Adventure Characters can be very simple or very complex, depending on the player, the GameMaster, and/or the type of campaign. This classless character development system uses Adventurer Abilities to determine whether a character uses weapons, majik, or both. 

WoL Weapons Mastery

Weapons Mastery

The WoL™ Weapons Mastery System allows characters to take their weapons abilities beyond that of the average run-of-the-mill adventurer. It provides bonuses to various combat related mechanics as adventurers receive more training and become more experienced. 

WoL Combat System

Combat System

The WoL™ Combat System is a d20 based system that rolls low (instead of high) to successfully hit. It also uses d4, d6, d8, d10, d12, and d100 depending on the mechanics. The entire system is formula based, simple to use, and flows smoothly during gameplay.

WoL Arts Majika

Arts Majika

The WoL™ Majik System is a point based system which allows four different types of spellcasters who are oriented to one or more of the five elements in Kaendor™, the campaign worlde. It is flexible and powerful, yet not so much that non-Maejai find it unbalanced.

WoL Learned Skills

Learned Skills

The WoL™ Skills System allows characters to have skills that are useful in both role-play and game mechanics. They can be used for mundane skills, useful gameplay skills, as well as enhancements to existing game mechanics scores such as Inherent Skills.. 

WoL Game Mechanics

Game Mechanics

WoL™ has many other game mechanics that are important to role-play and game-play. Our game mechanics ensures that mechanics which are often only applicable to certain "classes" or "score ranges" in some games are available to all WoL™ Adventurers. 

WoL Inherent Skills

Inherent Skills

WoL™ Adventurers have a skill set that helps them achieve tasks other than combat. These skills are automatically a part of an Adventurer. They do not have to be chosen and do not have any type of class, race, or other prerequisite. They are part of who you are.

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