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Worlde of Legends™ Gameplay - ADVENTURER ATTRIBUTES

Worlde of Legends™ Gameplay - Adventurer Attributes

Worlde of Legends

Adventurer Attributes

A Worlde of Legends™ Adventurer has many characteristics that define who or what he/she is. Some of these things, such as abilities and skills, are things that the adventurer learns prior to or during their adventuring years. Others are aspects about the individual that define their physical prowess, their mental capabilities and their personalities. These are the 18 adventurer stats which WoL™ calls attributes. When a player creates his/her adventure character, he/she is alloted a certain number of Attribute Points (AP) which may be distributed amongst all 18 attributes in accordance with his/her adventure character concept. These attributes will change slightly as the adventurer gains experience in the worlde.  Attributes are used for many things in Worlde of Legends™.  Most importantly, Attributes are the foundation upon which all adventurer statistics are based. In addition, they are often used to determine whether or not, or how well or poorly, an adventurer can perform a specific action. Attributes are organized into three distinct categories - physical, mental, and social. 



STR - STRENGTH:  Overall Physical Power
END - ENDURANCE:  Stamina  |  Durability
PRC - PRECISION:  Aim  |  Balance  |  Weapon Attacks
AGL - AGILITY:  Speed  |  Flexibility  |  Initiative
FOR - FORTITUDE:  Resist Illness/Poison  |  Health
PER - PERCEPTION:  Observation  |  Periphereal Vision

PGS - Physical Group Score: 
Sum of All Physical Attributes
PGA - Physical Group Average:
Average of All Physical Attributes

Worlde of Legends™ Gameplay - Mental Attributes


KNO - KNOWLEDGE:  Brain Power  |  Learning Ability
REA - REASONING:  Deduction | Logic | Decisions
INT - INTUITION:  Sixth Sense  |  "Gut Feelings"
WIL - WILLPOWER:  Mental Resistance
CRE - CREATIVITY:  Inherent Artistic Talent
SEN - SENSUALITY:  Romance | Relationships

MGS - Mental Group Score:
Sum of All Mental Attributes
MGA - Mental Group Average:
Average of All Mental Attributes

Worlde of Legends™ Gameplay - Social Attributes


LEA - LEADERSHIP:  Lead Others  |  Take Charge
CHA - CHARM:  Personality  |  Personal Magnetism
MAN - MANIPULATION:  Ability to Persuade Others
APP - APPEARANCE:  Outward Physical Appearance
LCK - LUCK:  Frequency of Success by Chance
LIB - LIBIDO:  Sex Drive  |  Lust

SGS - Social Group Score:
Sum of All Social Attributes
SGA - Social Group Average:
Average of All Social Attributes

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