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What's New with
Worlde of Legends?


WoL New Stuff in August 2019

WoL™ Merch!

>> Updated the WoL™ SHOP page with NEW MERCH and a much easier purchase process!

Kaendor™ Campaign Worlde

>> Added a FIND YOUR RACE page to help players decide where their Adventurer is from and to help GameMasters populate areas on the map.
>> Added a Weights and Measures infographic page that includes currency, times, mass, size, and distance.

Kaendor™ Campaign Worlde Calendar

>> Added the Kaendor™ Campaign Worlde Calendar to the PLAYER DOWNLOADS section.

WoL New Stuff in June 2019

Adventurer Building!

>> Added the page where you will be able to download the fillable PDF Adventurer Sheets. Links on the page are not active yet, but we are getting close!
>> Added an Adventurer Building Guide page with Adventurer Sheet Instructions and other resources to help you build your Worlde of Legends™ Adventurer!
>> Added a Names Race/Culture Name Guide to help you better understand and provide references for naming Adventurers of different races and cultures.

WoL New Stuff in May 2019

Kaendoran Language Goal HIT!

>> We finally hit the goal of over 15,000 English words in the English >> Kaendoran LANGUAGE TRANSLATOR!

WoL New Stuff in April 2019

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

>> Added the WoL™ FAQ  page
>> Updated Contact page to redirect FAQ contacts
>> Corrected several typos and make various text edits

More Words and WoL™ FONTS

>> Language Translator now has over 14,000 words
>> Added FREE fonts to Instant Downloads

WoL New Stuff in January 2019

Launched New WebSite

The Worlde of Legends™ WebSite was relaunched to include more details for existing information and new information such as content submissions, Kaendor spinning globe

New Preview at DriveThruRPG

The Worlde of Legends™ FREE Preview #WOL-PVG-015 for Staff Mastery Skilled + Actions is now available on DriveThruRPG. Click HERE for details.

Jobs Page and Find Your Race

A Worlde of Legends™ Jobs pae was added to the site on the main menu as well as a Find Your Race page with Adventurer race cities and estimated populations all over the Worlde.   JOBS   |   FIND YOUR RACE

Technical Problem Resolution

Resolved several technical issues and SEO issues. Nothing to see here. 

Updated LANGUAGE Resources

Updated the Language Resources images and downloadable PDF to match the information in the forthcoming Worlde of Legends™ LITE.

What Do You Want to Explore?

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