Worlde of Legends™ Gameplay Overview

Worlde of Legends

GamePlay Overview

Worlde of Legends™ is a fantasy role-playing game that is structured enough to provide smooth, cohesive gameplay, yet flexible enough that players and GameMasters have the freedom to exercise and stretch their creative imaginations when it comes to character creation, character development, and story.

The links below provide you with a little more detail about some of the key aspects of Worlde of Legends™ gameplay.

Worlde of Legends™ Gameplay - Adventurers

Worlde of Legends™

Your WoL™ Adventurer (character) is your key to exciting action and enthralling role-play. CLICK HERE to learn more about Worlde of Legends™ Adventurers.

Worlde of Legends™ Gameplay - Attributes

Worlde of Legends™

Worlde of Legends™ features 18 different Adventurer Attributes in 3 categories. Each of this is important to combat, skills, and role-play. 
CLICK HERE to learn more!

Worlde of Legends™ Gameplay - Game Mechanics

Worlde of Legends™

From Basic Skills to Combat to Mastery Systems, Game Mechanics are the core of gameplay in the Worlde of Legends™ tableop fantasy role-playing game. CLICK HERE to learn more!

Worlde of Legends™ Gameplay - Adventurer Abilities

Over 400 Amazing Blocks

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Worlde of Legends™ Gameplay - Skilled + Actions

Easy and Simple to Use

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Worlde of Legends™ Gameplay - Adventurer Sheet

Unlimited Sites

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