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WoL Kaendor Campaign Worlde

Worlde of Legends™
Kaendor™ Campaign Worlde

      Kaendor™, The Worlde of Legends™ Campaign Worlde is an exciting place to play. It is a worlde rich with majik - a worlde where adventure lies around every corner - a worlde which eagerly waits for the tales of the next hero - a worlde that waits for YOU!

       The links below provide you with a little more detail about some of the key aspects of the Worlde of Legends™ game. Scroll a little further down to see a little slide show about DRAGONS aka DRAEGO on Kaendor!

WoL Kaaendor Campaign Worlde

The Worlde of

The Kaendor Campaign World is the official Worlde of Legends gameplay arena. It, like our earth is the 3rd rock from the sun in a universe known as The Vastness. It is a worlde filled with legends and places which are as diverse as it's peoples and creatures. Click the button below to download the full FREE preview.

WoL Races and Cultures

The Cultures of

The Kaendor Campaign World is rich with both playable and non-playable races and cultures. The QuickStart version of the game includes 15 Ready-to-Play Adventurers, each a different culture. The full version of the game features 30 playable cultures, giving you interesting and diverse options. Click the button below to download the full FREE preview.

WoL Ancient Kaendoran Language

The Language of

The common tongue read and spoken by most of the intelligent inhabitants of Kaendor is called Kaendoran. It is a fully developed language with phonetic rules, a 2,000+ word lexicon, and guidelines for word forms and grammar. Click the button below to download the full FREE preview.

WoL Musik

Official Soundtrack for

That's right! Worlde of Legends™ has a soundtrack! There are currently 16 instrumental musik tracks, totalling over one hour in length, that represent different cultures and aspects of life on Kaendor. Each track is fully orchestrated. Tracks will be uploaded to the site on a regular basis, so check back often. Click the button below, and give it listen!

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