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Official Worlde of Legends™ Credits


R. Cody Sibley,  Director of Game Design
Richard S. Sibley, Art Director
R. Cody Sibley,  Creative Director
R. Cody Sibley,  Music Composer
Benjamin Machts, Research Director
Vacant Position, Web Developer
Vacant Position, Software/App Developer


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R. Cody Sibley, Dominic Bordelon, Richard S. Sibley, Shayne C. Bertrand, Damon Buckhalter, Jason Coleman, Matthew Francis, Benjamin "Bunny" Machts, Samantha Dassel, Cody Tassin

Campaign Worlde

R. Cody Sibley, Dominic Bordelon, Richard S., Sibley, Kaelan G. Sibley, Jason Coleman, Anna M. Dobritt, Lisa Hartjes, Nicholas "Tiger" McCarroll, Benjamin “Bunny” Machts, Samantha Dassell, Matthew Francis

Artists/Graphic Designers

Richard S. Sibley, Bridget Shirley, R. Cody Sibley, Michelle Bellinger, Todd Hanks, Benjamin “Bunny” Machts


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R. Cody Sibley, Benjamin "Bunny" Machts, Dominic Bordelon, Anna M. Dobritt, Lisa Hartjes, Richard S. Sibley, Matthew Francis

Kaendoran Language

Cody Sibley, Dominic Bordelon, Richard Sibley, Kaelan Sibley, Matthew Francis, Benjamin “Bunny” Machts

Playtest GameMasters

R. Cody Sibley, Matthew Francis

Game Playtesters

All the thanks in all the Worldes to All the Play Testers from the earliest House Rules to the Final Version: David Jackson, Kevin Spillman, Greg Sumrall, Keith Duncan, Scott Wood, Kim Pellegrin, Wade Pellegrin, Ryan Barber, Tricia Barber, Gina Bellinger, Michelle Bellinger, Bridget Shirley, Richard Sibley, Kaelan Sibley, Wilfredo Martinez, Dominic Bordelon, Kathryn Rice, Belle Bellard, Heather Howitz, Benjamin Machts, Samantha Dassell, Tiger McCarroll, Matthew Francis, Logan Kinchen, Turner Lux, Serena Landaiche, Sergio Oramas, Ksaa Tove Zair, Dean Smith, and anyone else from the distant past whose forgiveness I beg. .

Special Thanks and Acknowledgments

A very special THANK YOU! to all who gave their undying support from the very beginning back in the Spring of 2000.

Special thanks and acknowledgment to Bill Sibley for introducing the Director of Game Design to the RPG concept.

A thank you, a nod of the head, and a mug of ale to all of the Dungeon Guild™ founders and members from the past for keeping the dream alive for all those years even after we dissolved.

A word of gratitude and so much more to that early team of play testers, the Vanguard of the Wanderer’s: Laurik, Wárlýn, Áréana, and Lora (aka Dominic, Heather, Belle, and Kathryn).

The Misfit Band must also be mentioned: Their Minotaur, Ninja, Wood Elf, and Warrior made for some of the most entertaining games ever experienced by this GameMaster.

Huge amounts of gratitude (and begging for forgiveness for all they had to endure in the final stages) to the ALPHA GROUP, the Black Raevyns – Oláf, Taigur, Méralýth, and Veltoreanel. You guys were the catalyst that inspired the Core Design Team to keep pushing forward.

A special word of thanks and appreciation to everyone who played one night dungeons and suffered through long and arduous character creation and thousands of rule adjustments while we got it all worked out. Each and every one of you are truly hardcore gamers!

The Worlde of Legends™ Mastery Systems would be nothing without the experts who assisted in the finer details: Damon Buckhalter, Richard Sibley, and Matthew Francis.
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