Worlde of Legends™ Lite Coming Late Summer/Early Fall 2019
Worlde of Legends™ Lite - Faeth Majik

Worlde of Legends LITE

The Easy Start Edition

Worlde of Legends™ Lite, aka Wol™ Lite, is the first release of the Worlde of Legends™ Fantasy Tabletop Role-Playing Game. The Game Designers have gone out of their way to make this easy start edition of Worlde of Legends™ "so much more than a quickstart" version of the game.

Scroll down to see all that is included in the 240+ page Worlde of Legends™ LITE Gamer's Guide.  You will agree it is definitely much more than a quickstart version FRPG. Click the purple button here or below when you are ready to make the leap and get the great deal offered for WoL™ LITE!

Special Introductory Price Expires10/31/2019.

Worlde of Legends™ Lite Game Rules

WoL™ Lite
Gamer Guide Rules

Over 150 pages of Worlde of Legends™ Lite Ready-to-Play Game Rules to take you all the way to Mastery Rank 5.  Everything you need to play a full game with most of the bells and whistles!*

Worlde of Legends™ Kaendor™ Campaign Worlde

WoL™'s Kaendor
Campaign Worlde

Worlde of Legends™ Lite includes a full worlde map of Kaendor™ plus a full color 11x17 hard-copy mini-poster map  (Free with coupon  - $5 value - Paper product that ships separately).**

Worlde of Legends™ Lite Mini-Atlas

WoL™ Lite PDF

Worlde of Legends™ Lite also includes a Kaendor™ Mini-Atlas with zoomed maps, major city locations & brief descriptions of each continent. ^
(Free $6.95 Value)

Worlde of Legends™ Lite Book of the Divine

WoL™ Lite
Book of the Divine

Kaendor™'s Pantheon has 51 deities known as Divinities. The WoL™ Lite Book of the Divine features 20 deities with brief vignettes about them. ^
(Free $2.95 Value)

Worlde of Legends™ Lite Races and Cultures

WoL™ Lite
Races Reference

Kaendor™ is home to 12 races that yield 30 playable cultures. WoL™ Lite features 15 of these playable cultures and includes brief vignettes about each race to help you choose yours! ^

Worlde of Legends™ Lite Creature Catalog

WoL™ Lite
Book of Beasts

There are 30 beasts in WoL™ Lite to make sure you have bad guys to fight! There are 7 tribal humanoids, 6 types of undead and a host of other creatures! ^
(Free $9.95 Value)

Worlde of Legends™ Lite Pre-Made Adventurers

WoL™ Lite Pre-Made
Ready-to-Play Adventurers

Worlde of Legends™ Lite comes with our 10-pack of pre-made Ready-to-Play Adventurers in Levels 1 - 3 ^^ to make starting your first WoL™ game easy.
(Free $4.95 Value) ^^^

Worlde of Legends™ Lite Fillable PDF Adventurer Sheet

WoL™ Lite Fillable
PDF Adventurer Sheet

Worlde of Legends™ Lite comes with our fillable PDF Adventurer Record Sheet to make it easy for you to create your own custom Adventurers.
(Free $5.95 Value) ^^^

Worlde of Legends™ Lite Device Wallpaper

WoL™ Lite
Desktop/Device Wallpaper

Our awesome cover image, by Richard S. Sibley, as a downloadable wallpaper for all your devices!  Link available in the credits page of the WoL™ Lite.  (Free with email signup - $2.95 Value)***

*     See below for full details of WoL™ LITE content.
**   Pay shipping & handling only.
*** Single download includes multiple device formats. See details HERE.
^     Included in the WoL™ Lite Gamer Guide Rules book/e-book
^^  Contains 30 Adventurers (10 at each XL 1, 2, and 3)
^^^ Separate file included as part of the  WoL™ Lite BUNDLE Pack

WoL Lite Edition vs WoL Full Version

The following table show you many of the differences between Worlde of Legends™ Lite Edition and Worlde of Legends™ Gamer Guide (Full Version). The current planned release dates for both versions are shown below. Red items indicate a significant difference between WoL™ Lite and Full versions. Blue Items are in the Gamer Guide only.

Rule or
Release: Summer 2019
WoL™ Gamer Guide
Release: Spring 2020
Experience LevelsUnlimited Experience LevelsUnlimited Experience Levels
Adventure Characters15 Ready-to-Play AdventurersRtP Adventurers for Download Only
Adventurer SheetFillable PDF Adventurer SheetGamer's Companion App
Weapons Without MasteryLimited UseAdvanced Use
Heroic Adventurer Score - HASNot IncludedTrade HAS Pts for Bonuses
Temporary Attribute ModifiersNot IncludedAvailable at GM Discretion
Attributes and AgingNot IncludedOptional Rule at GM Discretion
Attribute Scores Above 20Not AvailableStandard Rules
Mental CombatNot IncludedStandard Rules
Social CombatNot IncludedStandard Rules
Wounds and Infection RulesNot IncludedStandard Rules
Subjugation DamageNot IncludedStandard Rules
Resurrection RulesMinimalFull Rules Set
Attributes16 Attributes in 3 Categories16 Attributes in 3 Categories
Inherent SkillsAll IncludedAll Included
Power StatsAll IncludedAll Included
Defense Factor ModifiersAll IncludedAll Included
Armor & WeaponsAll IncludedAll Included
Movement Rate RulesMinimal12 Mvmt Rates + Mount & Transport Mvmt
Reflex AttacksNot IncludedStandard Rules
Piety RulesVery LimitedFull Rules with Faeth Modifiers and More
Undead RulesVery LimitedFull Rules with Unholiness Ratings and More
Becoming UndeadNot IncludedOptional Rules at GM Discretion
Learned SkillsNot IncludedRull Rules Set Including Inherent Skill Enhancement
Avoidance Check RulesIncludedIncluded
Natural ResistncesIncludedIncluded
LanguagesAll IncludedAll Included
Vision TypeNot IncludedStandard Rules
Follower AllegianceNot IncludedStandard Rules
Surprise Attack RulesNot IncludedStandard Rules
Dual-WieldLimited RulesFull Rules Set for Mastery and Non-Mastery
Combat RulesMost IncludedFull Rules Set
Adventurer Abilities6 Abilities6 Abilities
Adventurer Ability Slots1 Primary Ability Slot1 Primary, 1 Secondary, & 1 Tertiary Ability Slot
Schools of Majik4 Schools of Majik4 Schools of Majik
Majikal Elements5 Majikal Elements5 Majikal Elements
Majik Spells115 Majik Spells Available200+ Majik Spells Available
Bardik Performance Styles6 Bardik Performance Styles6 Bardik Performance Styles
Bardik Perfomance Instruments21 Performance Instruments21 Performance Instruments
Bardik Combat Instruments15 Combat Instruments15 Combat Instruments
Bardik Enchantments115 Bardik Enchantments175+ Bardik Enchantments
Create Majik ItemsNot IncludedFull Rules Set
Mastery RanksMastery Ranks 01 - 05Mastery Ranks 01 - 10 (Max)
Mastery System Skilled + Actions30+ Skilled + Actions Available for Each System30+ Skilled + Actions Available for Each System
Mastery System Rules SetFull Rules Set IncludedFull Rules Set Included
Majik Weaver ToolsNot IncludedStandard Rules
Making Bardik InstrumentsNot IncludedStandard Rules
Make Your Own WeaponsNot IncludedStandard Rules
Races and Cultures15 Races/Cultures Included30 Races/Cultures Included
Kaendor™ Campaign WorldeMini-Atlas, 21 Divine Powers, & 30 CreaturesKaendor™ Atlas, Book of the Divine, and Creature Catalog
Each Sold Separately

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About Our Cover Image:  The cover image at the top of this page is called The Light of Faeth  and was drawn by Richard .S. Sibley and colored by Todd Hanks. It depicts  a Faeth Majik Weaver filling his Holy Symbol with the power of his Divinity. .
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