Worlde of Legends

Worlde of Legends™  offers regular releases of new Adventure Scenarios for you and your band of Adventurers to explore! 

Playable by ANY Experience Level!

Worlde of Legends™ Adventure Scenarios are playable by any Experience Level because Combat Encounters are easy to scale to fit the Experience Level of the Adventurers!

Enables A Smooth Running Game

All Worlde of Legends™ Adventure Scenarios come complete with clearly marked maps, , "read-aloud" player descriptions, and thorough organized room/area details to make it easier for GameMasters to run a smooth game!

Worlde of Legends FRPG Adventure Scenarios

Playable by ANY Number of Adventurers!

Worlde of Legends™ Adventure Scenarios are playable by any Experience Level because Combat Encounters are easy to scale to fit the number of Adventurers in your Adventuring Party!

Comes With
Player Visual Aids

Each Worlde of Legends™ includes Player Visual Aids such as maps and "Info Cards" on NPCs and majik items These aids are cutout cards that have an image on one side for players and detailed information on the other side for GameMasters!

Worlde of Legends™ FRPG Adventure Scenario Gameplay Ratio

Adventure Scenario Roleplay vs Combat Ratio

On the back of every Worlde of Legends™ Adventure Scenario is a small pie chart that shows you the ratio of Roleplay vs Combat vs Mental gameplay types in that Adventure.  COMBAT gameplay is any encounter that involves combat. ROLEPLAY gameplay is any encounter that does not involve combat but instead involves interacting with NPCs or with each other as an Adventuring Party. MENTAL gameplay is any encounter that involves traps, riddles, puzzles or anything that requires the Adventurers to "think through it".

This number is calculated by looking at the number of encounters in the Adventure Scenario and scoring them based on whether they are DEFINITE encounters or POSSIBLE encounters. Our Scenario Encounter Ratio Tool (SERT) does all the math and give us the ratio that we place on the Adventure Scenario so you can have a better idea of what type of Adventure you are purchasing.

Tower of Maithor Adventure Scenario

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