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Worlde of Legends™ Gameplay - Adventurers

Worlde of Legends™ Gameplay - Adventurers

Worlde of Legends Adventurers

Worlde of Legends™ Adventurers can be whatever you can imagine them to be. Many role-playing games utilize "character classes" to help identify an Adventurer's chosen "profession" or role in an adventuring party. Unfortunately for players, these classes in some other games can be very restricting by only allowing certain skill sets if you are a certain race or class. Worlde of Legends™ does not subscribe to this form of Adventurer definition. Instead, we ask you to choose an Archetype for your Adventurer then choose one of six Adventurer Abilities. There are not Adventure class or race restrictions that delineate who, what, or why your Adventurer is what he/she is and does what he/she does. Scroll to learn more.

Worlde of Legends
Adventurer Archetypes

 An archetype is a general character type upon which Adventurers might be based. It describes what role your Adventurer plays in an adventuring party, what his/her specialties are, and what the overall Adventurer concept is. Following are some examples of typical archetypes. You may choose one of these or come up with your own. Talk about it with your GameMaster if you are unsure what to put as your Adventurer's archetype. Keep in mind, these are not "classes" or any other confining or restrictive aspect of the game or of your Adventurer; they are simply concepts that you wish to use  as a model for how you build your Adventurer.

AcrobatCartographerFire MageMinstrelScholar
AmazonCon ArtistGiant SlayerMonkShaman
BanditDark KnightHistorianNinjaSword Dancer
BarbarianDraego RiderHoly WarriorPaladinThief
Battle MageDrunken WarriorJesterProphetWarrior
BeastmasterEmpathKnightRangerWeapon Master
BerserkerElementalistLoremasterRenn LordWild Mage
Bounty HunterEnchantressMercenarySageWizard
CavalierFalconerMerchant WarriorSamuraiWoodsman

Worlde of Legends
Adventurer Creation

How you create an Adventurer in Worlde of Legends™ depends on which version you are playing. 

Worlde of Legends™ Gameplay - Adventurer Creation


Fillable PDF Form

  • Compatible with any device that can read PDF fillable forms
  • Free download with digital and hard-copy WoL™ Lite purchase
  • Allows full control over most aspects of your Adventurer
  • Allows unlimited Experience Level Advancement
  • Allow Mastery Rank Advancement to Mastery Rank 05 (Expert)
  • Has 15 playable races/cultures
  • Does all math calculations for you
  • Has lookup lists for Abilities, Weapons, Armor, Spells/Enchantments, and Skilled + Actions


Gamer Companion App

Details availble 30-90 day prior to publication of the Worlde of Legends™ Gamer Guide.  

See the WoL™ Lite page for scheduled release dates for both LITE and FULL versions of our game.

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