Music of Worlde of Legends™ - Maelán'do'Lesára

Meuzik of Kaendor

The Official Soundtrack of Worlde of Legends™ featuring tracks, compoased by Chief Game Designer, R.C. Sibley, that represent the races, cultures, and places of Kaendor™, the Official Worlde of Legends™ Campaign Worlde. Sit back, listen, and take a tour around the Worlde of Kaendor™. You are welcome to listen for free on our website or buy the album or individual tracks by tapping the buttons.

Worlde of Legends™ Music Notation and Sample Music Score

Basic Kaendoran Meuzikal (Musical) Notation and Sample Meuzikal Skor Combat Performance Notation

Track 01
(Worlde of Legends™)


Maelán'do'Lesára, the title track, is Ancient Kaendoran for "Worlde of Legends". This piece features the main theme for the Worlde of Legends™ Tabletop Fantasy Role-Playing Game and Kaendor™ Campaign World.

Track 02
(Dance of the Winds)


On the steppe of Zherdán, the nomadic Mohúra will always have a Dum'Bureh (Drum Fire) where this ages old dance is used to distract the drummers and demonstrate the more elegant side of the Mohúran people.

Track 03
Gýnto Kanorýn
(Gypsy Caravan)


The Gýnto travel in caravans from town to town, selling wares and offering music, acrobats, and other entertainment. Dawn breaks as the caravan slowly moves forward gaining speed as they head out. The next city awaits

Track 04
lo'Kaelan Leulaeýn
(Kaelan's Lullaby)


Kaelan's Lullaby is a very old lullaby from Palodár. The song has been traced back to the early settlement days of the Kingdom of Fýn, specifically on the northern shore of Dorn Lake. It is said "Kaelan" was the child of a poor couple who grew up to become the village Hero.

Track 05
Prainoros to do Sro
(Pirates of the Sea)


On the high seas of the Merán Gulf, there be pirates! Their ships are fast, their crew is experienced, and their rum is strong. Secure your cargo, keep the wind in your sails, and hope you reach port before this burly lot can catch you. This ditty is a favored drinking song of many a pirate. If you hear this on the wind, it's too late.

Track 06
lo'Lierýn Dast
(Lieryn's Dance)


Lérýn Lo'Várýn is the adopted daughter of Lord Raevýn of the Council of Twelve. Lord Raevýn had this piece commissioned for Lérýn's 16th birthday many years ago. It was played by Meuzika'do'to'Raevýn at the Grande Ball held in her honor. It is said she still dances to it on her birthday even today.

Track 07
Né Drár Wai Ab Hádrod
(In Death We Are Honored)


In the Aneubýn culture, there is no honor greater than death. To them, whether one dies in battle or of natural causes, death signifies all that you have sacrificed for those around you and those you leave behind. This dirge is sung at all funerals of the honored dead by Aneubýn throughout Kaendor™.

Track 08
Desár Ambá
(Sand Walking)


Once a year, many of the Medéno who live on the outskirts of the Golden Desert on Gorána make a long trek through the stark, hot, sparse desert sands on a pilgrimage to Desáros'éné'Sház -the Sands of the Dead. They go, seeking guidance from lost loved ones. Listen as they trek through the hot desert.

Track 09
(Flight of the Fairies)


Four fairies, flitting about (or bumbling in some cases) playing, talking, arguing, and living the life of a fairy. Each of the four faires is represented by different instruments in this piece. Listen closely, and you can learn a lot about each one as its personality and appearance are conveyed through the music.

Track 10
(Dance of the Kobolds)


The Plains Kobro, for anthropomorphic Rodentia, are a very refined and elegant people. They highly value art and creativity. This tango-like dance is truly representative of the music played at their balls and events. The steps, the moves, the connections, the touches, the passion - that is Dást'éné'Kobro.

Track 11
Séjor od to Felos
(Summer on the Plains)


Summer on the plains of Aengor can be long, hot, and lazy; but not for the Nátoreh, a primitive people who treasure the planet and all it provides. Summer is a time for hunting, planting, and preparing for the cold, winter. This traditional Nátoreh fleut and drum piece is played after a long day of hunting or working.

Track 12
Dast dor le'Kaena
(Waltz of the Elf Queen)


The Royal Ball Room falls quiet as this piece begins to play. A path clears to the throne as the Elf Queen and her dance partner elegantly glide to the center of the room. The Waltz of the Elf Queen begins, her elegance and beauty shining throughout the room. Finally all the guests join her in this classic Elven waltz.

Track 13
Dárek Wolré San
(Dwarven Working Song)


The clang of the hammer to the anvil and the sizzle of the sweat as it falls into the forge are the roots of this old Dwarven working song. Feel the heat of the forge and ache from swinging the hammer as this piece builds in intensity, forging a timeless Dwarven artifact.

Track 14
Báná Wé
(Bamboo Breeze)


Deep in the bamboo forests of Zherdán, a lone Keuntár monk sits, meditating, building her Ké Energy and preparing for the battle to come. She senses every leaf, every twig, notices every nuance as the Bamboo Breeze passes through the stalks of the leafy forest.

Track 15
(Song of the Nomad)


The nomadic Mohúra people move from place to place, staying no more than a few days in any camp. They travel the rough steppe seeking food, water, and shelter, cherishing all the land provides them. They are a hearty people whose determination is unmatched.

Track 16
(Main Theme Reprise)


 Join the Adventure once more in this reprise of Maelán'do'Lesára, the Worlde of Legends™ main theme, as we revisit the call of the hunt, the bittersweet melody of the peoples of Kaendor™, and the triumphant march of those who claim victory. 

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