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WoL Language

Worlde of Legends™
Official Campaign Worlde:
Kaendoran Language

Most folk on the planet of Kaendor speak their native racial tongue as well as Common Kaendoran. Nearly all cultures raise their children to speak both languages. Many are fluent in other languages as well, but only the spellcasters, the scholars, and a few select others are well versed in Ancient Kaendoran - the language of the old world before the Great KaendFire devastated it.     


Language on Kaendor

There are twelve core languages on Kaendor. Each sub-race within each language has it’s own dialect. If you know one Elvish dialect, you have a strong chance of understanding verbal and written instances of any other Elvish Dialect. Of Course, the same applies for each language group listed below. Some races, such as the anthropomorphic humanoid races do not have sub-race but, may or may not have various dialects based on geographical area (left to GameMaster discretion).

In addition, because all languages on Kaendor have their root in the nearly lost Ancient Kaendoran language of the Old Worlde, every Adventurer has a moderate chance to understand the general meaning or concept of verbal or written instances of languages which are not in their language group. For example, if your Adventurer speaks the Wood Elf dialect, he/she has a strong chance to understand any other Elvish dialect and a moderate chance to understand the Dwarvish or any other dialect in any of the remaining eleven language groups.
Following are the twelve language groups on Kaendor.

Common Kaendoran – All Humans
Dwárvish – All Dwarves
Elvish – All Elves
Hafýn – All Hafýn (Halflings)
Nomish – All Noms (Gnomes)
Aevraikeunan – All Avian Humanoids (Bird Folk)
Aneubýn – All Canine Humanoids (Dog Folk)
Bursárian – All Ursa Humanoids (Bear Folk)
Kobronian – All Rodentia Humanoids (Rat Folk)
Lozáran – All Reptilian Humanoids (Lizard Folk)
Mýntáran – All Mýntár Humanoids (Minotaurs)
Wairýn – All Feline Humanoids (Cat Folk)

An Ancient Tome

It just so happens that Worlde of Legends™ has been able to procure an ancient Kaendoran tome that can be no other than the first dictionary of Kaendor. It was found deep underground, preserved by majik, and layered with dust in the tomb of the renowned Ancient Kaendoran scholar, Lotaer Voránodýn.

It was trapped with spells and took every ounce of wit and intelligence and majikal skill we could muster to be able to open it safely. A few shocked fingers and singed hairs later, it was done. The Kaendoran Lexicon was ours! The old tome was very fragile, so we immediately set to work on generating a copy. Now, as the brittle pages of the original book begin to crumble at the edges, we proudly present unto you the spoils of our treasured find. We continue to diligently work at copying every bit of content found in that ancient tome and will update this document periodically with the latest information.

Scroll down to see features that will help you read and write the Ancient Kaendoran language.
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