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Races and Cultures of the KAENDOR™ Campaign Worlde

Kaendor™, the Official Worlde of Legends™ Campaign Worlde offers 12 playable cultures, many of which have subcultures, giving a total of 30 cultures available for you to choose from when you select your WoL™ Adventurer. Many of these are standard cultures everyone is familiar with from one game or another, others are interesting cultures you may not have been able to play in a RPG before. In any case, we are sure that our variety of races and cultures will allow you to build the legendary hero that you want to play in the Worlde of Legends™ FRPG.

Worlde of Legends™ has made every effort to separate race, culture, abilities, traits, and skills in order to not force real-world or fantasy world stereotypes. We often use the terms "race" and "culture"  interchangeably for no other reason than convenience and familiarity to players. In some cases, these terms refer to species and subspecies while in others it refers to subcultures within a geographic are or withing a species. It is the hopes of this game design company that you will see the diversity these cultures offer to game play while not boxing your character in to forced skill sets and game play abilities.  It is the intent to celebrate diversity in the appearances and lifestyles of the people of Kaendor and help you create Adventurers that are not only fun to play but unique individuals.

Fifteen of the 30 playable cultures are available in Worlde of Legends™ LITE Edition with the rest available in the full game. Scroll down to read short vignettes about each culture and see some of our race sketches to see what they might look like. Each race or culture has an indicator letting you know whether that race is available in WoL™ LITE Edition, the WoL™ full version, or both. You can also tap the red button to get the FREE PDF Races and Cultures of Kaendor™ Preview.

Here Is the Breakdown for the 30 Playable Cultures:

  • DWARVES -  2 Subcultures:  Hill Dwarf and Mountain Dwarf
  • ELVES - 10 Subcultures:  Dark Elf, Fire Elf, Grey Elf, High Elf, Moon Elf, Sand Elf, Sky Elf, Snow Elf, Valley Elf, and Wood Elf
  • GNOMES - 2 Subcultures:  Forest Gnome and Rock Gnome
  • HALFLINGS - 2 Subcultures:  Hairfoot Halfling and Longleg Halfling
  • HUMANS - 6 Subcultures:  Bábora (Barbarians - 5 Klans /Tribes), Daelkýn (European Middle Ages), Gýnto (Nomadic  Entertainers/Traders), Keuntár (Celebrating the many Asian subcultures), Medéno (Celebrating the many Arabic subcultures), and Mohúra (Celebrating the cultures of north-central Asia)
  • ANTHROPOMORPHIC - 8 Subcultures:  Aevraikeu (Avian), Aneubýn (Canine), Brursar (Ursidae), Kobro (Rodentia) - Plains Kobro and Swamp Kobro; Lozár (Reptilian), Mýnotár (Bovine), and Wairýn (Feline)

Anthropomorphic Species in Worlde of Legends™
There are numerous anthropomorphic races in the WoL™ FRPG. By definition, anthropomorphism is the attribution of human traits, emotions, or intentions to non-human entities. Anthropomorphic races in Worlde of Legends™ are humanoid species who have the appearance of a mix between a human and an animal.  Most of these races have fur or feathers on their bodies, tails if appropriate,  and have heads, hands, and feet that are truly a blend of human and animal (because paws don't have opposable thumbs - and that's important for wielding a weapon!) In addition, each Adventurer can "polymorph" into an animal form one or more times a day (dpeanding on their Experience Level).  An anthropomorph's animal form is chosen long before they become an Adventurer;. That animal form not only is their "polymorph" but is also what shapes and colors their physical appearance. How animal forms are selected (or given) varies from one race to another, but each anthropomorph has only one animal form that, in many ways, defines aspects of their mannerisms, habits, and overall being.  Anthropomorphs come in all shapes, sizes, and colors based on the animal form that the player chooses for his/her Adventurer.

Human Species in Worlde of Legends™
There are numerous human races in the Worlde of Legends™ FRPG. These races are based on real-world races, or perhaps a better way to put it, is "cultures". Worlde of Legends™ does not subscribe to racism or discrimination in any form.  We often use real world cultural references to help you understand a little more about a culture on Kaendor. When we say a race is similar to a real-world culture, we are not profiling or stereotyping or anything else like that. We are simply attempting to give you a reference so you can better visualize the appearance and culture of a Kaendoran race. We may occasionally use a culture reference that has negative connotations in our real world. We assure you that it is not our intent to propagate that negativity. We use certain terms because it is the best way to convey to you, the player, the overall concept of that Kaendoran culture. Please do not be offended by our use of words such as "Gypsy", "Arab", "Asian", or others that we may not realize is offensive to people of that culture.  Offending you is truly not our intent. We have the highest respect for all people in our real world and promote tolerance, peace, and understanding amongst the inhabitants of our amazing planet. It takes all of us to make the world an inhabitable place where we can each live our own lives in our own way.

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